There are many factors to consider when moving your workloads to the cloud.

Security, costs, compliance, availability.

We have brought together the best technology, practices, and knowledge to guide you through enterprise-wide cloud adoption. We lead you past implementation, transformation, and transition challenges, to ensure that you are able to obtain the maximum benefits of cloud based services.

Our approach for cloud adoption achieves more than the traditional ‘lift and shift’ approach. Our methodology builds a foundation that minimises organisational risk, enhances collaboration, improves responsiveness and delivery of core business services, promotes and drives innovation, as well as enables continuous improvement within the customer environment.

Complete Cloud Adoption Story

Secure Logic has a solid track record of delivering ICT transformation solutions which enable organisations to meet their innovation and efficiency objectives.




Our Secure Compute Platform can be packaged as a private, public, or hybrid cloud solution based on your business requirements.

Our cloud based services are designed to provide the following core benefits:

  • Security: Secure Logic’s cloud service offerings are designed to be robust, while meeting globally recognised information-security certification requirements which could remove the need for organisations to hold their own certifications.
  • Innovation: New services and features are continually being developed, while minimising costs. New technologies such as social media, mobile platforms, and analytic tools are all available through subscriptions without large capital investments.
  • Elasticity: Commoditised services can grow and shrink with the level of demand; consumers pay only for what they need when they need it.

We look forward to discussing which solutions will be most profitable for you, please get in touch if you want to discuss it further.

Secure Cloud Connect

Our Secure Cloud Connect solution extends your on-premises deployment to public clouds in a protected manner. 

The vendor neutral, hybrid-cloud architecture allows organisations the full choice of offerings from public cloud providers.

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