Our Approach

Modern cyber security attacks can have enterprise-wide impact and could be devastating for the targeted organisations. Malicious actors often seek to establish a persistent presence across the targeted network through lateral movement, spreading malware and compromising multiple endpoints.

Secure Logic has developed a unified approach to cyber threat detection & response which intelligently coordinates the technology, people and processes to provide maximum cyber resiliency for your business.

Our Platform

Secure Logic’s Cyber Threat Platform is our threat detection system powered by our predictive analytics technology.

We use our innovative, data-modelling technology to identify cyber security threats, model user behavior, and predict cyber risk based on the context of your environment.






24x7 Cyber Resilience

Our Threat Hunting & Response services go well beyond the standard capabilities built-in into existing cyber-security tools and products. Our service engages our expert security consultants to perform an in-depth inspection of the environment to identify threat indicators which would have otherwise remained undetected.

While we continuously hunt for threats, our team’s focus goes beyond traditional detection and incident response. In modern environments, where adverse cyber events occur frequently and unpredictably, our focus is on continuous resilience.

Our goal goes beyond just protecting you.

Our goal is to make you stronger.

Our goal is to make you resilient.

Cyber Risk Management

We give you more than a dashboard — we apply all the data to your business context, and assess your security risk and security posture in real time.

Our innovative Cyber Risk technology helps you to get better visibility into your security events, understand your security posture, and meet your compliance needs.

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